The Roseland First Aid Squad (RFAS) has proudly served Roseland and the surrounding community since 1980. RFAS provides prompt emergency medical response, care and transportation to ill and injured citizens, 365 days a year. RFAS is a completely volunteer organization which means there is never a charge for any of the services that we provide. All of our full members are New Jersey state certifed Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), trained and proficent in the latest prehospital emergency care procedures and techniques. Handling over 700 emergency calls last year alone, our members are highly experienced. In addition, members of our squad utilize the latest state of the art equipment and vehicles, making us capable of becoming Mobile Intensive Care Units with the aid of local hospital paramedics. We also have a suburban incident command vehicle, ready to handle mutliple patient incidents. Every time we are called out, each member is always aware of the importance of what they are doing; and the impact they can have. Have you ever saved a life? We have. Whenever you need us... we will be there.